Valedictorian Speech (2019)

Greetings to everyone present here!
Let me tell you writing something that captures our batch completely is not easy. After all, batch of 2017-2019 can only be said to be the best and the best don’t need words but sentiments to be allowed to walk with freedom and heads held high.
So to all the people who don’t believe in time travel, I’m going to try and defy basic laws of physics and I ask everyone to join me in this.
Ladies and gentlemen, we’re the real ‘League of Extraordrinary Gentlemen’ with super powers beyond understanding. The scientists are looking at wrong places for miracles to happen, it is happening here and it happened in front of my eyes. You don’t believe me? How would you explain celebrating a birthday till 3 am in the morning and then giving a presentation at 7.45 am? How would you explain being calm when snakes turn up? Or preparing for an end exam in the last few hours? How can you explain the drastic personality change in a GBM and in a party? You can’t. And that’s why we are extraordinary. We are GIM Batch of 2017-2019.
We are not mere students but a bunch of emotions that are finely dressed today. We are WBFs and casual wear, we are fines and parties, we are serious and we definitely are a little ‘globaal’. This certificate is a hallmark of all this, a lasting reminder of our experiences and contribution and that can never be summed up even in this all important paper work. You cannot summarize how Lucy shows up in every gathering? Or how the cows in GIM have stealth abilities? Or how to look completely confident in the quizzes even though you know nothing! Or the fact that even after fighting all through the semesters we were in tears and proudly wore the batch t-shirt as one unit.
Our parents and this is probably the right time for me to say this, thank you, for everything that you have done for us. Yes, you’re definitely looking at the ‘best looking’ versions of us today and possibly the most humble too. Our life has been challenging but so was yours, because you lived the same in the background and provided the support we needed at all points and there can be nothing more assuring than that to us.
If at all our batch seems like a sentimental slush to you, it is because we were fiercely voicing our opinions and sentiments while in the campus. Maybe we are being mistaken for being emotional, which undoubtedly we are today, but more than that, we are the face of a new age India who is vocal about their opinions and contributes wherever possible. Differences are meant to be resolved and anyone whether or not they’ve been a part of club and society here will know that this is true. We care, and we’re fierce in our effort to improve and make things better. We participated and won prestigious competitions across colleges and corporate case studies. We achieved 100% placement. We celebrated cultures like we belonged to all of them. We never were bystanders to anything remotely unjust and even in the face of odds, we stood firm.
We gave Goa. I see a few smiles in the audience, bear with me please. We gave Goa but we got so much in return. We got the batch messages on our whatsapp groups because something triggered someone. We got Jaggu bhaiya silently helping us live in the campus, we got Kailash and DFC for all our late night food cravings. Can you honestly forget the conversations and theme launches and the food that we had day in and day out? Or the number of times the Library alarm rang for no reason, or the when the Give Goa presentations actually were upon us. Goa gave us back, so much, and its all in our hearts and minds, simply priceless. We are the collective result of all that happened and that didn’t.
We owe our faculty sincere gratitude for making us ready and arming us to take on the corporate world with so much confidence. We are truly thankful to each and everyone of you, for bearing with us when we were unbearable and for helping us when we were helpless. On a lighter note we will never ever reveal how much google helped us in the assignments and presentations, because we always looked super cool as if we are the pioneers. We will also not reveal that some of us secretly mastered the art of sleeping with our eyes open. But everything together we are indebted and will forever remain grateful to you and your efforts for us.
I promised that I’m going to defy physics and travel back in time, so take a break from the eagerness to jump into a career that we made for ourselves. Take a moment and remember. Remember who we are. We are the students who were nervously seeking out others for the sake of familiarity. We are the kids who were buying household items to start a life in hostel. We were the half asleep heads that were nodding in the induction period. We’re the hostellers who were chatting till late night in the breakout area. Remember that interview that you didn’t get through and cried? Or the project work you didn’t complete? How about the mail you wrote to clarify doubts? In between all this look how our LinkedIn profiles have changed, look how our CVs have updated themselves, how far those fractional momentary glimpses have led us, so far that once upon a time we stood at the GIM main gate, in the back drop of the Sahyadris, and we asked ourselves “ Will we ever get that far?’, we did, we got that far.
I told you that we are the ‘League of Extraordrinary Gentlemen’ but for today we are but the same old confused GIMites back in 2017.
In 2017, we left a lot behind to start something in GIM, now in 2019, we leave a family that we created, we leave a home that we can carry with us wherever we go, in our hearts. We are ready to take on the future, and make our home, our GIM proud of us.
With that, signing off for #OneLastTime on behalf of batch of 2017-19.

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